Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Level 25 Guild!

We made it sometime around 11.30pm last night Drama, dinged 25. Sadly we were out on realm first by a couple of days, despite that, it's still a great achievement.

In other news it was Social Raid night and we managed to progress a bit further so i have another boss under my belt now. We got down Halfus, Valiona and Theralion and Magmaw on the second attempt of each and got down Omnotron Defense System, after a few attempts. We had a few unsuccessful attempts on Chimaeron and Maloriak, but by this time it was getting late, but I think we shall have Maloriak at the very least on our next raid night.

I was however, lucky with a couple of pieces of loot. I received the Wyrmbreaker's Amulet from Halfus and the waist item  X-Tron Duct Tape from Omnotron. I also had enough Valor Points to get the Heavenly Breeze cloak, so all in all a great night in WoW yesterday, and I'm now sitting at item level 355. :)

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