Tuesday, 19 April 2011

20 Days of WoW: Day 1

I'd been totally oblivious to the 20 Days of WoW challenge until I saw posts on Moments in the Life of a Death Knight, and was directed to Saga's blog for the list. So here goes:

Day 1: Introduce Yourself:

Well, I probably don't need to write much here, as this blog is still fairly new. I don't have a specific reason for doing this challenge other than i thought it would be fun for me to complete and interesting for people to read...I promise it will get better than this!

My name is Francesca, I was born in the West Midlands, I have a younger sister called Katrina. My Mom is a Primary School Teacher and my Dad was an Aerospace Engineer, he has a Degree in Law and now works as a Support Worker. My Mom's side of the family are Irish and my Dad's side are Scottish.

My early life consisted of dance classes mainly as my parents are ex-professional Ballroom and Latin American dancers. I competed from an early age and despite having taken classes in all forms of dancing, Irish Dancing became my new love and Michael Flatley my idol. The highlight of my Irish Dancing career was competing at the Irish Dancing World Championships. Unfortunately, all the dancing played havoc with my knees and it made sense to give up dancing competitively. However, I still take dance classes every Sunday but in Belly Dancing. Yes, I am a Belly Dancer.

When I turned 13 my parents decided to get out of the 'rat race' and city life so we moved 350 miles away to the West Coast of Scotland, a very rural location that required a Ferry journey to the mainland. The dancing was soon swapped for horses and at one point we had 7. Yes, you read that correctly...7 horses! Ragamuffin, Cochise, Galaxy, Snippet, Isla, Chopin and Hamish. One time when my Dad was putting together a new field shelter, Isla who was a foal at the time decided to pinch a plastic bag full of nails and run round the field scattering them everywhere...funny at the time, but then days followed of us combing the field to make sure none of the horses stood on a nail. We also kept the horses in a field owned by a famous actress, and would often find  a stray paparazzi wonder into the field...Isla was very friendly and loved nothing more than to rear up to say hello...needless to say, the press didn't like being chased round the field like something out of a Carry On.

The quiet and idyllic surrounding soon became an issue as myself and my sister started to grow up. We could get to the mainland to shop and go out but we were restricted to catching the last ferry back which wasn't very late at all. We did have a Cinema in our town but it was in a building nothing more than a corrugated shed which leaked when it rained (which being Scotland it often did) and had 2 screens which showed films around a month after they had been released. However, the town had one set of traffic lights, 2 round abouts and one traffic warden.

The time then came to go to University, so off I went to Edinburgh Uni to study Theology in order to become a Minister with the Church of Scotland, yes honestly, I had plans to be the next Vicar of Dibley ;) I was 17 when I went off to Uni and last a few months before I decided that I wasn't ready to be preaching to a congregation. I did a complete u-turn and moved back down to the West Midlands where I studied for my Law Degree and joining me on my course was my Dad. We spent 3 years sitting next to each other in lectures and exams and fighting over various textbooks..we both passed and I became Francesca LLB (hons) ACIArb.

Shortly after my degree I met Ian on a dating website and we eventually got married. Strangely, his Dad's side of the family is from the same town in Ireland that my Mom's family are from...spooky! He told me about his WoW playing days and various other computer games he liked to play but it was something which held no interest for me whatsoever. Eventually though, I asked him to show me WoW and the rest as they say is history.

So that is me, in a wall of text :)

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Kenneth said...

Ok, it happened again. Original post was deleted and never posted. Blargh.

Anyway, I have to give you points now, even though you had some to begin with. The references to Michael Flatley, and Vicar of Dibly had me laughing. I've watched some comedies from the BBC, and I never really thought of them as well known, mainly because I don't live in Britain, so I don't actually converse on a regular basis with someone who sees their programming regularly. Anyway, with these new points, and the fact that you're an attractive redhead, I guess this would make you, as "Our Rose" would say, a Dishy Vicar. I certainly think so.

I hadn't heard anything on these 20 days of posts, but had heard of them, merely from word of mouth. Now, with this one, I'm actually interested. Looked into the linked posts you had, and I think I might try it out. It probably won't end up in daily strings, as I'll have to truly think of what to write out, lest I look like a fool.

Well, Miss Dishy Vicar, I shall mull over this, and come up with something soon, and I look forward to seeing your other 19 days.