Monday, 1 August 2011

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution."

Well, the application to the guild was accepted and we joined and then a day and half later - quit. It started so promising but disagreeing twice in the space of less than 24 hours meant that something was seriously wrong. What the guild had advertised was not how they were in reality. We decided to move on.

I saw an advert on the forums, and in trade chat for a new guild - and by new I mean it is only level 2. They are purely PvP. They also advertised that they required a minimum of 2k rating in Arenas and Battlegrounds to get an invitation. Nevertheless, I thought cheekily that the fact they are only a level 2 guild and brand new, they'd be perhaps more lenient on their entry requirements than say a fully established level 25 guild.

The only thing that stopped us from immediately jumping at the offer to join was that we were only prepared to join if our real life friend could also join. Now, she is in almost full season 10 gear but has never experienced Rateds or Arenas, but we were assured she could join as a Social member and so, welcomed we were.

Now we joined the guild at about 6.45pm server time, and at 7pm invitations for the evening Rated Battlegrounds were going out. I got invited which meant that dinner had to go by the wayside, but it was worth it to make a good impression.

I got the vent details, and log in. Say 'Hello' and suddenly Vent springs to life..."omg who is that?" "is that a girl?" I've had that sort of reception before, but in every rated battleground I've taken part in, there has been at least one other female, but from what I gather - me and my real life friend are the only females in the guild.
Which leads to comments like this....

"When Nilaa (Woman) is with us we get 'Presence of a Female Buff' which increases hormones by 20%"
"but we get -50% intelligence."

So the team gets over the initial shock of being joined by a girl playing a Death Knight and we join the queue. We did 4 battlegrounds, and lost only one of them...but it was very close.

It was interesting because we used rather different tactics to how I've done RBGs in the past. It could have been that the situation was just different but in the past we've always avoided killing the healers out right and just keeping them CC'd and out of mana with the idea being that with no mana they cant do anything and we can keep them occupied, but if they die they come back with full health and mana and can create issues. However, we did things differently. We kept the healers CC'd and Interrupted whilst we killed off the DPS and then finished off the healers...just before all the opposition were dead a group of us would then go fast to complete the objective. We worked much closer as a team. We had targets called out and we often switched between targets. If for example in Twin Peaks we died we would then resurrect and help defend our flag carrier and then once we had disposed of the group attempting to attack our carrier we would rush to the EFC and get the flag back whilst they were stuck resurrecting at the graveyard.

In Warsong Gulch we would meet the opposition and attack right in the middle to prevent them from reaching our flag, meanwhile we would send a tank and healer to go and ninja their flag. Once we had killed the group we would help escort our flag carrier and then regroup up and send a rogue to identify exactly where the EFC was hiding and then attack as a big group leaving our tank flag carrier, a healer and possibly one DPS. (depending on the situation)

In Battle for Gilneas, we identified a DPS and Healer to stay at Lighthouse, and the rest of the group went to attack Waterworks, we then arranged on a DPS and Healer to remain at Waterworks whilst the rest of the group including one healer would stand in between the two bases and react according to what the situation required. It was a tactic that worked so well for us that the Horde opposition actually ran back to their original starting position and went AFK. We were only about 350 points ahead when they realised that they just couldn't we headed down to the boat and lined up for a screenshot...

We decided to be graceful in our victory and as the Horde stood on to watch us...we didn't attack, instead we went and danced with them. 

So all in all, had a really good and productive evening with the new guild. We all communicated well on vent, and worked as an intelligent team. I even managed to get my RBG rating up to 1100 in one night earning me the title of 'Private.' However, my real life friend decided this wasn't the guild for her and after we saw discussions on the official forum about the reputation of the guild - we too decided it was time to cut our losses.

Finding a guild is hard work, but i'm sure we will get there eventually!

In other WoW related news,  decided it is high time I see more of the old raids. I've seen Karazhan, so when my real life friend told me she wanted to tame a pet from the Molten Core, I jumped at the chance to experience the instance. I roped the husband into healing (although he worked more as a DPS) and the three of us set off. We completed it really quickly, as you would expect for a level 60 instance but seeing Ragnaros close up and personal was very very cool.