Wednesday, 23 February 2011


So on the 21st February I turned 24 and got the keys to mine and my husband's new house.
We are finally making progress unpacking the boxes but unfortunately there are no Broadband engineers in the area for a month, so it looks like the next time I'll be in WoW and updating this blog will be the end of March :(

Please don't abandon the blog altogether, I shall be back shortly

Signing out...(for now)

Monday, 14 February 2011

My First Ever Raid

Ever since I started playing WoW, my husband has told me tales about raiding and it became something that I wanted to aim for, he warned me though that raiding isn't for everyone and I may not enjoy it, he told me that a raid member needs to be able to take advice and learn from it. Think hard about what you are contributing, and of know the tactics.

I've been doing heroics for some time now, and pretty much all of my gear is 346 or better with the exception of a couple of 333 items, so husband and I decided that we would like to have a go at a raid.

The first raid that springs to mind when starting out in Cataclysm is  Argaloth in Baradin Hold,  now a few people have since said to me that it's not a real raid...well, you know what? I don't give a damn. Its a good enough raid for my first ever taste of raiding.

Initially we joined a PuG...

I had no idea what to expect, I was actually trembling with excitement and nerves, it felt just like the very first time I did a dungeon in WoW. I kept asking my husband silly things like "Do I just heal my group?" "Do I dispel only my group?" "Are you sure I'm ready to do this?" he kept having to reassure me that unless I was told otherwise I should just look after my group.

The Tanks and DPS were great, I was doing my job, but the other healer wasn't. On the first wipe I had done 76% of the healing and more dispels as well.  So that healer was swapped for another, and again the healing caused a crossed my mind, should I be doing more healing, but I was successfully keeping my group alive and kicking. So once again we swapped the healer, but it was too late, the next battle for Tol Barad was about to begin, so we left it at that.

Later in the evening, my guild decided to put together group and the Guild Leader kindly allowed myself and the husband to come along, so I must say a 'thank you' to him for that. It was so much fun. We wiped once because one DPS died and we didn't get the boss down before beserk but we got it on the second attempt. I healed pretty much the same amount as the other healer, and dispelled the same, which was a great relief to me and means, I cant be going too wrong. I also bagged myself some PvP loot...Vicious Gladiator's Satin Leggings.

Husband was tanking first so I dropped a lightwell, popped a shield, prayer of mending and renew on him and we all stuck with him so the damage would spread evenly. I used chakra, mainly using heal and serenity which also refreshed the renew on Nuad, and also utilising my other group heals such as Circle of Healing (which is now lovely since the patch) and a few prayers of healing, and I also used Sanctuary, but I felt that the serenity was more useful to me on the tank, or whoever needed it at the time. When the other tank and group took over it allowed me to just top everyone off and regain a bit of mana. I did use shadowfiend to regain some mana, but I wasn't completely oom by the end of the fight. As the debuff Consuming Darkness landed on players, I removed it as soon as possible...a few weeks ago Nuad suggested that I bind dispel to a mouse key, I took his advice, and it was very useful to have such quick access to dispel during that encounter. During the Fel Firestorm, I ran around dodging the fire but keeping an eye on my tank so that I could be back with him as soon as possible after the firestorm was over, and watching the health bars of the DPS, in case they needed an extra heal. Before I knew it, the boss was dead, and it was all over. But, I was so caught up in what I was doing during the fight that I forgot to get any screenshots, even though I have a bright pink note stuck to my computer monitor saying "SCREENSHOTS." I think I need a bigger note!

It took me ages to get to sleep last night, I haven't felt this excited about WoW since my very first day in the game. It was brilliant seeing everyone work together and I can't wait till I can do more raids. Even today, I'm still buzzing about it. After all, "It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that is the hard part."

(Myself and the Tanks)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"She is pure Alice in Wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are a nicely judged mix of the Red Queen and a Flamingo"

Why has it been so long since your last post? I hear you say, well, two reasons...

Firstly, the husband and I are growing up and moving out of our city centre apartment complete with concierge to a house...a 3 bedroomed house in a local town. Its exciting but also time consuming trying to sort everything out. We move in 2 weeks time and we have just been informed that we won't have an Internet or phone connection until the end of March...but please don't abandon visiting the blog...

Secondly, I ran a really bad PuG in heroic Deadmines and it shattered my confidence. As the dungeon loaded I noticed that, at only the second trash pack the Healer and one DPS had quit the group. The Tank proceeded to pull, and took so much damage I had a really hard job keeping him alive. When I mentioned the possibility of CC I got /laugh in return and then when I asked for a mana break because keeping him alive had forced me to spam greater heal, he just ran and pulled the next pack. At 30% mana and shocking damage being taken I was OOM within seconds, and he died. Then I got a load of abuse. I am "the worst healer EVER" apparently. Now, usually, I just ignore these type of people, but for some reason he really got to me and so I just quit the group. After I left I looked him up on the Armory to find that he was in almost all PvP wonder my job had been nigh on impossible. Fabulously geared for a Battleground...not so much for a heroic. I have healed Deadmines twice before that awful run and again very recently with no mana problems, so I know that the issue wasn't me, but it still really got to me. Don't get me wrong though, I am always up for constructive criticism.

I have to say a big Thanks once again to the Twitter peeps as they all told me that I should take no notice as a Tank in PvP gear, unwilling to use CC and unwilling to wait for the healer to regain mana obviously has a problem, and they recommended that I just get over it and move on. Normally I would agree with the sentiment, as an avid horse riding fan and having owned horses in the past I know how important it is to 'get back in the saddle,' yes a fall is a shock but you have to just push through the fear until the confidence comes back, but instead I used it to take a much needed break from WoW. I needed to sort real life things out ready for the house move and I needed a break to prevent from burning out.

However, taking the time out meant that everytime I thought about playing I was looking forward to it but then when it came to actually logging in, I would put it off. Then I saw that the Love is in the Air festival had come to Azeroth and decided to log in to see what it was all about, seeing as it is my first time seeing the event but then I got disappointed to find that the whole event is very bugged. But, it had the desired effect, it got me back into WoW and yesterday after having my fear of heroics I ran 3 one after another, getting a couple of upgrades to my gear and finally getting the Cataclysm Dungeon Hero achievement.  I even spent almost 3 hours struggling with terrible DPS in Grim Batol and when I got blamed, as I was confident that the problems were them and not me, and it could be proven by Recount. I just laughed. I stood up for myself, and laughed. It felt good!

But that's not all that happened this weekend, husband decided he wanted to change his undead warrior to something a 'bit bigger' so he changed to a Tauren and since he decided to change I thought I would too and so I said a farewell to my Undead Priestess and said hello to my new Blood Elf Priestess, and that is the reason behind the title of this blog. The quote: "She is pure Alice in Wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are a nicely judged mix of the Red Queen and a Flamingo" was written by Truman Capote about Marilyn Monroe which I feel (in my typical girly way) sums up my Priestess.  However, I am going to need to change my blog header, if anyone has any desire to make me a header, it would be greatly received!

Also, finally after months of waiting I finally got my egg from the Oracles to hatch into the Green Proto Drake, a really nice surprise after my less than wonderful week in WoW...

So I'm back in WoW with a vengeance and vowing to take no more rubbish off jumped up, under geared PuG members - /GirlPower!