Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20 Days of WoW: Day 2

Day 2: Why you decided to start a Blog:

I had always had an interest in blogging, but prior to starting to play WoW had nothing to blog about.

I thought it would be interesting to document my journey, like a diary I could look back on in years to come and I thought that it might be interesting for seasoned and expert players to reminisce and remember the first time they got a mount or won a duel or dinged at the level cap, or raided. I thought I could make people smile with my tales of complete newness because remember, I'd never played any sort of computer game, or knew how to work a PlayStation or Xbox. I knew none of the basics, I didn't know how to make my character move forward let alone anything else.

I also thought that being a girl would add a slightly different perspective. Ive realised now that you can be a girly-girl and still play WoW successfully and to a high level but nevertheless, I hope my posts are somewhat interesting to read.

WoW is changing for me now, and its all about raiding. Hopefully you will continue to follow my journey in the game.

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