About Me

My name is Francesca (which makes me a Fabulous, Ravishing, Amazing, Naughty, Caring, Elitist, Sublime, Clever, Animated person!) I live in the UK with my husband Ian. I would describe myself as a typical girl, a housewife, a Law graduate and now...a player of a MMORPG known as World of Warcraft!

My husband who has been playing since the game was first released has been encouraging me to start...I finally gave in and downloaded the game.

In order for my husband and I to play together we have both started new characters...I've started an Undead Priestess and he has started an Undead Warrior...tank and healing is the way forward to avoid hours queuing for dungeons apparently. Hmm.

How did my husband convince me to play? Well, not after we long met back in September 2009, Ian logged on to his account to show me what WoW was all about. I'd never heard of it prior to meeting Ian. He logged onto his main character - a level 80 Holy Priest called Toliant. He showed me round Dalaran, and mounted his Violet Drake (which he raved about) and flew round a bit of Northrend...and I went aaaw at the sight of the Crystalsong Forest(so pretty). But honestly, I thought...this is a bit boring, and he logged off and never played it again and I didn't give it a second thought. Until a year had passed. September 2010. We were married, I'd finished my degree and found myself a housewife...a sometimes bored housewife...getting the recipe for Carrot Cake perfect is a time-consuming process, but I needed entertaining. It was me who thought back to WoW, so I made Ian re-instate his account so I could see some more. On his logging back in...old friends of his spotted him and they started chatting. I cant remember who they were but it was members of Drama. He did a battleground...again I cant remember which one but it might have been Wintergrasp and then he did a random heroic dungeon which was the Violet Hold. I was hooked. If he had shown me these things a year ago, I would have played from that moment.

I did originally choose a Blood Elf Hunter and successfully levelled her to 72, but my husband had such an input, and even taking over controls when I said I couldn't do something, that she was never really my character. I decided to start a character that was entirely my own, just before Cataclysm was released and although my husband previously played a Holy Priest and he gave me some tips, the changes in Cataclysm mean that his advice was out-of-date, so I really have done this off my own back...Churel my Holy Priestess is now level 85.

So what is the point of this blog? To see if I - the girl who loves Irish Dancing, Reading and Guinea Pigs can cope with the world of Azeroth.

Email me at: francesca_wow@yahoo.co.uk
I'm on twitter! Username: girlplayswow
My Armory: Sheorc on Sylvanas EU