Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Awesome Parents

This weekend was mine and the husband's First Wedding Anniversary so we went away to London for the weekend and had a great time.

Now, I'm always talking about playing WoW but when I talk to people who don't play or have any interest in the game what so ever, it only takes about 30 seconds before they start to fidget and their eyes glaze over...my Mom falls into that category...or so I thought.

Before we went away, she brought round a present and card for us. The present is a gorgeous painting which will fit right in with lounge décor, but the card was a stroke of genius.

Bearing in mind, she doesn't play any kind of computer games, let alone WoW, this was the card we received:

What amazed me the most was the time she spent reading through my recent blog posts and hoping that it made sense.

I just couldn't resist sharing this with everyone :)


Shannara said...

Very cute picture, congrats on the ani!!!

Anonymous said...

That card is pure genius! And really awesome you and Ian have gotten into raiding with us now! It's Zhinzu by the way, though you might remember me as Mithjin from our alt/social raids. :3

Happy late anniversary from me too, hope you had a wonderful time!

sororitygirlplayswow said...

Creative gifts are just the best.

I think my favorite part is the "Love is All Around" banner. I freakin' LOVE "Love Actually."