Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Introducing... Franzipan

For some time now, I've maintained that I wouldn't want an alt. I felt that levelling up my Priestess was such a hectic and fast process that I would enjoy not having to quest everyday, and I have been. I've still found things to occupy my time with and not feeling the pressure to level has been lovely.

Recently though, husband and I had run through 5 heroics in one day, done a couple of Tol Barad battles and we got bored standing around in Orgrimmar. Now I'll let you in on a secret...ever since Cataclysm has come out I've been wanting to try out a Worgen. I think the running wild looks awful, but nevertheless I wanted to give it a we started a couple of Worgens.

I started a Druid and Ian started a Mage. I adored the Worgen starting area, I thought the quests were fun and the setting was cool. (I did start a Goblin Warlock but found the Lost Isles to be boring and long winded and I ended up just deleting the character.) The Worgen quests were going well, playing a Druid is a lot of fun...but then we went to Stormwind and it hit me:

I missed the Horde and I missed the guild.

This was perhaps magnified by the fact that all the Alliance I came across in the day I spent in Stormwind were complete idiots and I saw at least 3 guilds with their names spelt wrong - and that, just irritated me beyond belief. Surely if you are starting a double check the spelling of the name you want, lest you should end up with names such as 'Dragon Slayors'...hmm. Maybe its a fashion thing? Probably not.

So we made a quick decision, faction change was the way forward so husband is now an Undead Mage and I'm a Tauren Druid.  I'm having a lot of fun playing as a feral cat, consistently doing alot of damage for my level and when we ran Gnomeregan and the Tank quit I was able to switch to Bear form until a new Tank I'm already loving the versatility of the Druid. I'm also loving dueling the husband...the fights are close but I usually win. :) It is a huge change for me to play a melee class and to some dps...but so far so good and I'm loving it.

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Aveline said...

Alts give a nice change when you wish for it! I'm from the other end of the spectre than you are, I'm actually an altholic (as you might've noticed from the multiple alts I have in Drama). Sometimes when you don't want to heal, you can just grab a melee and whack some murlocs! Glad to hear you're enjoying the change. :)