Sunday, 24 April 2011

20 Days of WoW: Day 6

Day 6: Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)

In February we moved house and although we are settled in for the most part we still have more serious organising to do. We are using one of the spare bedroom as a study and it makes a change to have a whole room dedicated to playing WoW. We used to live in an apartment and we had a very cramped set up.

In our new study we even have a framed...yes framed, poster of Thrall, and I want to add to our collection but in a way that it doesn't look like a teenagers bedroom. That might take some work. 

Anyway these are our desks:

I sit on the right...i may have a smaller monitor but have a slightly more powerful computer and I have a super cool mouse. (excuse the quality of photos was taken on a very sunny day with my mobile phone)

and a close up of my desk:

So, moving from left to right:
A mug of tea on a coaster that says IT Girl, a selection of costume jewellery that I no doubt was wearing until it began to annoy me whilst trying to play WoW...the only jewellery that i keep on whilst I play is my Wedding and Engagement ring. For some reason, I find that wearing bracelets and necklaces tend to annoy me so as soon as WoW loads...the jewellery is dumped. 
There is also a tube of Deep Freeze Gel, this is because I often log into WoW after coming home from my Bootcamp or Dance class and I usually have an injury of some sort. I suffer with knee problems and shin splints so ice packs and cold gel are my friends. 
Then obviously is my PC. I know it has good gaming specs but I leave all the technical stuff to my Husband who is a Computer Programmer. 
My Mousemat is of Northrend which I pinched from my Husband's Collectors Edition of Wrath of the Lich King. He didn't use it because he already had a cool (and expensive mat) My Mouse is a World of Warcraft Cataclysm SteelSeries mouse. It was a birthday present from my husband and I adore it! Its so big though that its pretty much the size of my hand. It took me a while to get used to it, but its got lots of my useful spells bound to it and it glows pretty colours and I wouldn't be without it now.
On the left of my speaker is a pile of hair bobbles, this is because I have quite long and unruly hair and just like the jewellery, when I need to concentrate the hair has to be away from my face which also explains the headbands which live on my speaker. There is also a  book of stamps. I'm not sure why the stamps are doubt husband used them for something and then just dumped them.
To the right of my speaker is a headset which I use for vent. I tend to only use it when I'm in a raid because otherwise I prefer not to wear the headphones because they are somewhat too big for my head. Its also useful to be able to hear whats happening on my husband's monitor because I can then almost predict the damage coming his way, I can also see things at a glance from his perspective which is actually really useful.
Finally the blue folder is my Raid tactic folder. It contains all my notes about Cataclysm raids which I add to on an almost daily basis. Hiding underneath the folder is a notepad and just out of shot a load of pens and a highlighter.

So now you know where I sit and what I see when I play WoW :)

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