Thursday, 21 April 2011

20 Days of WoW: Day 3

Day 3: Your first day playing WoW:

I remember my first day like it was yesterday. One of the very first quest I had (once husband had explained to me about quests) was to kill an animal of some description so I targeted it and pressed the one attack button i had but I knew nothing about auto attack so i kept turning auto attack on and off, and I died many times. I got frustrated and made my husband complete my quests. I bet he thought at that moment in time that my WoW life would be very short lived. I soon got the hang of attacking though and my next fear was interacting with people.

I knew that the other characters were people in real life, but I thought that included the NPC's too and when I rocked up at Ironforge (yes I had a brief stint on Alliance), husband told me that to find the Auction House I should speak to one of the guards. I panicked. I actually thought that if i clicked on the guard, I would have to talk to a real life person and I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to come across as

Ah, its amazing to think how far I've come in the space of a few months. Now my days are spent researching my class and reading news about WoW and Blizzard and I even tried to talk Husband into attending Blizzcon this year. (It's not going to happen this year as we are off to Greece in the summer...but maybe next year)

Having said that, I still have so much to learn from big things to little insignificant things, like for example, yesterday i learnt that I could type /mountspecial.

I'm digressing now...

Shortly after I started to play, I decided that having a level cap Priest to follow me around would make life easier so I got my husband to play his main in order to help me level. In order to do that I faction changed to Horde. He had taken a break from the game, because I wasn't interested and within minutes of him logging on he was getting whispered by old friends in game. We joined them in guild (which incidentally is my current guild) but I felt like they would laugh at me, and find me irritating or annoying because i was so new. By then, I'd had enough of the character that didn't feel like mine and cataclysm was due out shortly so I made us re-roll new characters...I took on a Holy Priest (my current main) and husband started a Protection Warrior. We made it to 80, 24 hours before Cataclysm came out. I didn't want to stay in the guild though because I felt so overwhelmed by all these amazing players so we did some stints in truly awful guilds until we started our own. It did quite well as a little social guild and we had a laugh with all the members but sadly, the quality of players was just not good enough and so we made the decision that if Drama would have us as social members...we'd go back. Going back was the best decision in game that we have made.

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