Wednesday, 3 November 2010

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and Halloween has been and gone and so it feels winter is really closing in now and this can only mean one thing...more WoW time!

Its been a busy week for my Priestess she dinged 50...yay! Hoping to get to Outland by the end of the week (optimistic) considering that its my Husband's birthday tomorrow and we're off to see Lord of the Dance and probably wont get very much WoW time this coming weekend, however, I also feel its been a slow week and not much interesting has happened, apart from last nights very long dungeon run which I'll explain later.

Here is the round-up and highlights of my week:

Well, its been dribs and drabs this week and in order to ding 50 we did quite a bit of questing...which is rather boring at the moment in the Un'Goro Crater, we are planning on moving to Felwood when we next play.

After the excitement of the Halloween world event I was looking forward to the Day of the Dead event and I was hugely disappointed, I thought it was a bit of an anti-climax and didn't see the point at all to be honest, although the companion pet (the Macabre Marionette) is probably the cutest thing I've seen apart from the baby murlocs.

I also got the Dead Man's Party achievement by dancing with an NPC called Catrina (this is slightly amusing as my real younger sister is called Katrina)

I also managed to get a couple of achievements that I couldn't get until I dinged 50 and these included Master in First Aid and Professional Master for my Alchemy. I also achieved Short Order Cook:

I've also been doing as many dungeon runs as possible as I feel that I get to really play my class in a dungeon. I love using the different healing spells and keeping people alive and when I'm just soloing or playing with Nuad there isn't much call for heals. I may stick Renew on him now and then and Binding Heal on us if we get really hit but otherwise I'm mostly attempting to deal damage but playing with a warrior has meant that by the time I have cast Smite - it's already dead so I find much enjoyment in casting Shadow Word: Death to finish them off and generally jumping around and dancing...oh and hopping! I've discovered that my priestess can hop...the undead warrior cannot hop much to the annoyance of my husband...I wonder if she can skip? Anyway, getting back to the point...I did Blackrock Depths for the first time...(eek)

I can say without a doubt that it is the longest dungeon I've done so far and the hardest. I was busy throughout the entire instance so had no time to take screenshots. It was going really well until we got to the Grim Guzzler...Nuad the Tank (aka my husband) began to buy the beer to give to one of the characters which gets him drunk and then he opens the door - no one had the key, when someone in the group took it upon himself to start killing the patrons which resulted in a wipe. Fortunately we all decided to continue so we ran back to the instance as ghosts and resurrected - but now the patrons in the bar were all hostile. Credit to the tank he pulled pretty much one at a time and everyone survived...except me! My second death in that dungeon, but I recently put a talent into Spirit of Redemption and desperately healed for 15 seconds and everyone survived.../cheer, and fortunately the druid resurrected me...the rest of the dungeon seemed to take forever and I did some more desperate healing but we got through it and I got new shoulders (Boreal Mantle) for my efforts!

P.S - I'm never doing that dungeon again!

So finally, its time to choose my favourite screenshot of the week and it was a tough decision between the shot of dinging 50 or this is a shot of my husband and I, taking a nap like only the undead can!


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I love BRD, but then I get strange enjoyment from things which are not immediately entertaining but offer satisfaction at the end after a long hard fought slog. After all what is the point if it's just too easy, I might as well watch TV. I do feel for the healer, er I mean my wife though, as we were pulling multiple groups of mobs at once and it got rather chaotic. I am really Impressed with how you are doing :). Just hope you don't burn out before we get to the Fun Stuff (TM) at 80/85.