Monday, 8 November 2010

Weekend Round-Up

Well, another weekend has been and gone in the land of WoW and some interesting things occurred over the weekend:

I made it to Outland which I'm really thrilled about but then discovered my hatred for the Fel Reaver, try as I might to think of him as a big bunny rabbit...I just cant.  He makes me freeze whenever I see him and I think its because he looks like a robot, I hate robots in real life and so I think I have discovered another along with being scared of elevators, I'm now also scared of robots!

I get shivers just looking at the photo, so after arriving in Outland at level 58, it was my mission to quickly get to 60 so I could (a) getting a flying mount and fly above his head and (b) move away from Hellfire Peninsula - the home of the Fel Reaver. My husband thinks it's funny to tell me that the Fel Reaver is "a really nice guy when you get to know him" My husband doesn't get it. Its not funny. It won't ever be funny. I shall be laughing though,  when I come back and kill him for fun when I'm at the level cap. I'm absolutely looking forward to that day and it may be one of the first things I do!

So after a couple of hours in hellfire - if that, this happened:

and then this happened:

and so I then mounted up and have flown away from hellfire (for good - until 80/85)

I'm loving Zangarmarsh it's definitely my favourite zone so far.

I also decided it would be fun to get the Going Down Achievement. This was quite difficult for me as I don't actually know how far 65 yards is. Metres I could do! It took a few attempts dismounting whilst flying in Zangarmarsh but eventually I made it...and I didn't die in the process either...woohoo!

I also managed to get a few other achievements such as exalted with Undercity and some exploration achievements:

All in all it was a really productive weekend and now the push to 70 has begun! 

All that's left is my favourite screenshot of the weekend, which was taken in Dalson's Tears in the Western Plaguelands:


Traxy said...

Getting "Going Down" is easy in the Outlands. Go to the Scryer's Tier in Shattrath, get on your flying mount, and fly directly forward so that you are directly above the main "ring" (not above one of the bridges). Dismount, fall 66 feet and enjoy your achievement.

ladyerinia said...

I hate that stupid Fel Reaver. The first thing I did when I hit 80 and became epic was go back and kill that bastard.

Ian said...

Fel reaver wanders alone, searching for someone, anyone to befriend. His size and appearance torment him because he will never know love. Get close and you will hear him wail, an eternity of sadness in a single cry.

And so he wanders, alone...