Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Phantom Council

The 'Phantom Council' is a brand new EU-Blade's Edge Guild created yesterday by my husband and I.

Why was it created? 

Well, since starting to play the game I've been in two different guilds, both of which were deathly silent despite having lots of members online. One of the guilds I joined, I did so because it was big and thought that chat would be social, but despite 96 members being online...still no-one talked, or replied.

Ian my husband, has had a lot of experience with guilds, being an ex-officer of a guild which is still one of the best today, and we thought between us, we could do better than what I have experienced so far in-game.

Our guild is built on the foundations of community, we want our members to feel involved and needed and we plan...with lots of hard work and dedication to eventually become a raiding guild in Cataclysm.

We've tentatively made live our new guild website, but it still needs some tweaking, before we are entirely happy with it. Check us out here: Phantom Council

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