Friday, 12 November 2010

Red Shirt Guy

Ok, so we all know about Red Shirt Guy at Blizzcon and (for the minority of you who read this blog and don't play WoW - I'll explain later) I simply love the new autotune video doing the rounds on youtube, and I have actually watched it at least three times now!

So here it is, once again...

Now for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about well....

Every year there is a massive conference in America about the games that Blizzard makes, called Blizzcon. One of those games is World of Warcraft and during the conference they have a question and answer session with the designers of WoW where people can ask questions.

This guy (aka Red Shirt Guy) asked a question about a character called Falstad Wildhammer. In the recent WoW book The Shattering, this character was on the Council of Three Hammers but the designers had accidentally missed the character out when making the new Cataclysm game that is due out very soon (eek excited muchly!) and this random guy wearing a red shirt, discovered the discrepancy and pointed it out at the conference. One of the designers of the game replied that Falstad was dead, but once again red shirt guy corrected the designer as the character is still alive.

So Blizzard corrected the problem in the game and in addition, as homage to the red shirt guy, they have in fact created a new character for the game called the 'Wildhammer Fact Checker' who wears a red shirt:

Here is the original question he asked:

simply awesome, that is all.   :)


Archus - Doomhammer said...

You can buy the song on iTunes!

Sharden said...

The autotune version is far too catchy. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I want to listen to it more. *runs off to listen again*

Garona said...

thats crazy sauce =o