Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend Round-Up

Its been a hectic weekend both in WoW and real life. In real life one of my Guinea Pig's gave birth to 3 gorgeously cute babies and my husband and I went out on Sunday evening to watch Al Murray (the comedian) live.

In WoW I dinged 40 and got my new faster mount, I love the flaming hooves that the undead war horses have. I got challenged to a duel by a level 80 Mage...needless to say I didn't think it would be a fair fight even when the character took off all his clothes, so I politely refused the naked Mage's request - I wish I had got a decent screenshot, the only one I have is absolutely terrible but I'll post it anyway! ;)

I also managed to do the Halloween quests in Southshore - Rotten Eggs and Stinking up Southshore, even though I got my husband to log in with his level 80 character I still died 3 times! But i did it! I had pondered whether or not getting my husband to log in his character would make me a cheat...however, this fear was laid to rest by a friend on twitter who told me that "it's war against the Alliance and everything is allowed," and to be honest, I don't feel like I cheated because my husband let me die 3 times...and he is a holy priest, I think he let me die deliberately because I invited my parents round Saturday evening!

We also asked a friend from our guild to boost us round all the instances in the Scarlet Monastery so we could achieve the Into the Scarlet Monastery quest faster, and so we could loot what we wanted without having to roll for it. It was the fastest dungeon I have ever, and probably will ever do...although I felt like I missed out on the action which is a shame...but I got a new head item (Whitemane's Chapeau) which made up for it!

I also finally replaced my garden hoe staff with the 'illusionary rod' doesn't look wonderful but definitely an improvement.

My armory is here: Churel's Armory

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The babies are too cute!