Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dungeons come, they go, they wipe!

I dinged 30 last night and have done a few dungeons since I started playing but yesterday I discovered the true effects of getting a bad group.

I joined as Healer for Gnomeregan and it was bad from start to finish! Firstly there was some sort of bug, I presume following the patch which said I was in combat all the time - even when I wasn't and as a result I couldn't drink anything to restore mana. Why are random PUG's always in a rush? I think it's quite off and leave the healer behind, start taking damage and voila you die!
Anyway, back to Gnomeregan it started with a Hunter who took it upon himself to shoot at random mobs (exasperating) and continuously heal pet even though pet was at 100% health and then a Paladin who joined as DPS but decided to tank...but run off in a different direction to the rest of us and just pull random mobs (very annoying) and finally a Warlock who got too close to the edge, fell off and then had a huge mob come from all directions and proceed to wipe the dungeon...why? because I had little mana because of the bug. I did manage to keep them all alive but then a second wave of mobs appeared and it was a hopeless situation. I would have taken a screenshot but I was just too busy.

The situation with the Paladin was probably the most annoying thing I have encountered in the game? why do it? I don't get it? The members of the group started telling me to stop healing so he would learn his lesson the hard way...but is it appropriate for me to stop healing him just because he is being a rather rubbish player? He was told a few times to stop doing what he was doing - but he didn't listen. Do I really have the power in dungeons to decide who lives and dies? A girl could get a Goddess complex! As it was I kept healing him...well whenever he was in line of sight - which wasn't very often.

I did have a rather funny moment in the first dungeon I did...Ragefire Chasm. Every single member (except myself) managed at some point to fall in the lava and was the first time I had got to use my Resurrection ability so it was rather fun for me!

Anyway, last night after my ridiculous Gnomeregan experience, I queued again and got the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard and as the group knew what they were doing I did have time to take a screenshot:

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Ian said...

That Paladin was a complete nutcase... No idea of anything that was going on around him and totally oblivious to the other people in the group. His main must be Alliance.