Monday, 25 October 2010

"Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was"

Despite the lack of WoW time I've had this weekend i feel like I've utilised my time well and earned a few achievements:

1. Rotten Hallow - I died 3 times in the process but it was worth it!

2. Check Your Head - I hung around Booty Bay and Gadgetzan alot:

3. Shave and a Haircut - A new hairstyle thanks to the barber in Undercity:

4. Duel-icious - I beat my husband's Warrior in a duel, he'll tell you he let me's lies I tell you!

5. 5 Daily Quests Completed - I love the Hallow's End event:

6. Master Cook - I bought a lot of recipes which meant I got:

7. Lunch Lady - 25 recipes in fact:

8. Artisan In First Aid - I can't get master until I get to level 50, but I've bought and looted a lot of cloth!

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