Thursday, 21 October 2010

call the fashion police?

Now I know that WoW is a role playing strategy game but seriously...what is up with the clothes?

I couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles when I saw the upgraded trousers that my husband's character has just received...they look like scaly cycling shorts and they are a pinky/lilac colour!

and it's no secret that I hate my current Staff...

but I'm excited because I just got a Staff upgrade in the Scarlet Monastery...trouble is, I can't use it for another two levels yet, but nothing can be worse than the current staff...surely?

As my addiction to WoW has begun to grow, I have found myself becoming more and more nerdy and obsessive about my race and class and keeping everyone alive, I've been reading forums and I stumbled across the Tier 11 priest gear...I don't even know what Tier 11 stands for but I know it has something to do with cataclysm and it is just awesome...

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ladyerinia said...

Tier gear is gear that gives you a set of bonuses (and matches) when you equip so much of it. There are 2 piece bonuses and 4 piece bonuses. Basically, tier gear is some of the absolute best gear in the game you can get. And it's pretty. /swoon