Monday, 28 March 2011

PuG Diary: Throne of the Tides

Monday 28th March 11.30am

Overall a pretty uneventful run, apart from the cut scene. For some reason it bugged out on me and  was unable to cancel it, and so by the time the scene had finished the Tank and Melee were dead. Yes, they hadn't thought to check that their healer was with them.
I asked them why they didn't wait, they said they had not realised I wasn't with them. The tank apologised and we moved on without any further problems.

Once again a rather uneventful run. We completed all the bosses which I haven't done in a while, as we usually skip Erunak Stonespeaker and go straight to the last boss.

The group was made up of a Warrior Tank, who took considerable healing but at least he used my lightwell. I'm usually arguing with people to click it but throughout the entire encounter he used it 75 times. We had a Paladin who dealt 12k damage, a Mage who dealt 10k and a warlock who dealt 8k.

I'm glad that players are starting to use the lightwell, as I feel its necessary for people to take a certain amount of responsibility for their health and if they see themselves dipping low and they are in range of the lightwell, I don't understand why people are scared of it.

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