Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Back in Azeroth

At last, broadband is installed in my new house and I can get back to playing and blogging about WoW.

A month has passed and in that time, I've missed WoW, only made better by the fact I could still keep up to date with my favourite bloggers and my guild forum. Don't get me wrong, I've been busy in real life and the time has flown by, but in that time there has been no doubt there has been something missing in my life. I've had moments when I've been itching to start a new blog post but due to not being in-game, that has been a pointless exercise.

I finally logged back in yesterday afternoon. Just before we took our break, I'd been given a nice new mouse and I'd set a few buttons to spells and I couldn't remember what they were! I stood in Orgrimmar, targeted my husband and then tried to figure out what they were lol.

We then decided to ease ourselves back in to the game by doing a Battleground. I was hitting keys automatically and knowing that I was pressing the correct key for the situation but unable to remember the name of the soon came back though. We then ran heroic Shadowfang Keep (one of my favourites because I feel it's suited to Holy and I can CC) and had no problems what so ever, and following that I now feel confident that I can remember what I'm doing :)

I logged on today to run a heroic and ended up in Throne of the Tides with an awful group. A shadow priest with 2 PvP items equipped, no enchants and no gems. A warrior who kept going AFK and a paladin tank who had never done the instance on normal let alone heroic. I was the best geared there and we didn't wipe once. Yes I lost the paladin a couple of times but that was mostly due to bad tanking tactics. In fact on one boss all that survived were myself and the shadow priest and between us and using our shadowfiend's we downed the boss.

So now that I'm back in the game, the next logical step is to start raiding. I don't know if that will be possible with my guild because they are now the realm number 1 and have a lot of members and well into heroic raid progression, but I'm hoping at some point on one of the entry raids, they need a healer, and they give me a shot. In the meantime, just a case of doing daily heroics to earn valor points for upgrades and trying other things such as some old content raids for fun.

It's good to be back, oh WoW how I have missed thee :)


Mike R said...

Welcome back to WoW, your blogs have been missed :D enjoy the old content, it is alot of fun. Already looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in the game

Miraid said...

Welcome home!

Jen said...

Welcome back ^^