Tuesday, 29 March 2011

PuG Diary: Shadowfang Keep

Tuesday 29th March 2011, 4pm

As I watched SFK load up, I felt happy, as its one of my favourite instances, but this run was downright ugly.

First few trash packs seem to be dealing a lot more damage than normal to the tank, who then announces he has got serious lag and the death knight agrees with him. Most of the time they were just standing there and getting hit and other group members were getting aggro.

We get to the first boss where interrupts are relied upon and the DPS position themselves at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the tank. Why they cant wait is beyond me because the inevitable happens, they pull the boss and the tank happens to be disconnected.

Finally we get the tank back but no one is doing any interrupting, because apparently it's taking them an age to cast anything. Eventually and I don't know how we managed it we kill the boss, everyone lives and I'm just about in mana.

nice to be acknowledged for keeping everyone alive against the odds

We get through the rest of the dungeon, with a few wipes, but the frustration just left me in a bad mood.

The group consisted of a Warrior Tank who had never tanked SFK before,  a Hunter pulling 9k DPS, a Death Knight with 8k and a paladin in full PvP gear managing about 5k.

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