Monday, 17 January 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Well, it feels like a while since I have been able to do a round up of the events in WoW of the past week, and that was due to a bit of stagnation within the game. That's all changed now, and once again this blog can be a hive of activity.

Obviously the massive change of the past week was the new guild, and I can say without doubt that it was the best decision for us, but I have talked about that enough times now.

Well it's been a week of heroics, I have finally got under my belt: Lost City, Halls of Origination, Stonecore, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Blackrock Caverns and the final boss of Grim Batol. I've still got to run Vortex Pinnacle and Throne of the Tides and I'm picking up heroic upgrades as I go along. I especially love being a Holy Priestess in the first boss fight of Shadowfang Keep against Baron Ashbury when everyone has their health reduced during Asphyxiate. Afterwards once his heal has ticked a couple of times I can use Prayer of Mending, Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing and Holy Word: Sanctuary, not to mention a Lightwell and then concentrate on tank healing and as long as I'm careful can manage the fight without running out of mana.

I really need to spend some time sorting out my UI because it's a bit hectic, but I like X-Perl because I can see people's health bars etc and find it easy to assess their damage. I tried Grid recently but found it difficult to assess how much damage people were taking. If anyone has any tips/advice about clearing up my UI or a better add-on to use than Xperl, I would love to hear it.

Hold on tight I feel a rant coming on...LIGHTWELL. I now have 2 macros I use where lightwell is concerned. I have one I use at the start of a PuG which explains the virtues of lightwell which are:

  • It can be clicked at range.
  • It doesn't change your current target.
  • It can still be used even when you are: Stunned, Sapped, Casting, Running, Feared, Falling and Eating.
  • The effect is only cancelled when you receive an attack which is equal to 30% of your total health.
  • It lasts for 3 minutes and since I have it glyphed, 15 charges.
Its so incredibly useful when I have to focus on tank healing, and why I have to shout at people to use it is beyond my comprehension...because yes, my second lightwell macro, is reminding people to 'PLEASE CLICK THE LIGHTWELL!'

So that macro goes out and then the DPS do something stupid, instead of staying where they are and clicking the lightwell they run over to it and practically stand on top of it and then run off again...why? I always take care to place it within reach of everyone. So I have taken it upon myself that all people playing WoW need to know exactly how a lightwell works, because it makes my life easier and helps keep 'you' alive. Got it? Good.

Now that I've got that off my chest I can get back to rounding off the week.

Last night after running a couple of instances, Nuad and I decided that we would run heroic Culling of Stratholme for the Bronze Drake mount. Between us we did it easily and Nuad let me roll for the mount, and we plan on running it again very soon so he can get it too. I'm also waiting for my 6th Oracles egg to hatch hoping to get the Green Drake mount. I've had the companion pet 3 times, but still no luck with the drake. Hoping I will get lucky soon though.

Its also been a week for raising reputations, I got exalted with Earthen Ring so I could buy Flamebloom Gloves. My next reputation grind is with Therazane in order to buy Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone.

Last but not least, thanks must be mentioned to people on Twitter and people in Drama who solved my 'haste or critical strike rating?' query. Haste it is and I've made sure that yellow gem slots contain Quick Amberjewel for +40 Haste and when I'm not reforging Spirit, I am reforging haste at the moment until I reach about 12.5% when buffed. I'd also like to get around 2500 spirit. This is how things are currently looking: Click for my Armory
Once again, any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I am still learning having only played a few months but I'm using this as my friend.

So that is my week in-game folks, as usual would love to hear your comments.


Achloryn said...

Oh man.. your UI makes my head twitch. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound mean, but i dunno how you play like that unless it's a large monitor xD

Here's what I would do.. If you want to keep XPerl (which is perfectly fine) customize it to where you don't see the buffs. I'm sure you don't need to see every single buff, proc, trinket, etc that everyone gets so turn that off.. That'll make your stuff look WAY less crowded.
I prefer the look of Shadowed Unit Frames, but that's a personal preference. It has very large, easily readable unit frames, customizable text, positions, buffs/debuffs, pet bars, target bar, focus bar, cast bar, etc. There's a lot of versatility with sUF.

Another suggestion... get an action bar addon. I don't know about you, but personally I LOATHE the standard bar setup... So, I use bartender to change the way my stuff is setup, to make it smaller and have much more real estate on the screen.

Francesca said...

My UI makes my head twitch...spent most of this afternoon working on something new and its feeling a lot better, still needs tweaking though and still up for other options.

My husband uses bartender, I have thought about it but then the thought of reconfiguring all my hotkeys again makes me think eek. Something to think about anyway!

Achloryn said...

You don't have to reconfigure your hotkeys though! Not unless you want to, anyway. You can just reposition the action bars the way you want, and it keeps your hotkey setup, i believe. And actually, setting up hotkeys with bartender is surprisingly easy. Much easier than doing it with the standard bars, anyway.