Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 brings a lack of love for WoW

Firstly, I'll apologise for the lack of posts recently. I have been AFK during the Christmas period due to family commitments and in-game not much has been done, and the guild has been quiet - most likely for the same reasons there has been missing posts on this blog.

So what have I been doing in game? well, running normal level 85 dungeons for reputation. I've recently managed to get my rep up with Guardians of Hyjal in order to get a new epic belt Cord of the Raven Queen which is lovely, and I've added a belt buckle to give me an extra gem socket. and I'm currently working on Earthen Ring for Cloak of Ancient Wisdom (it has no spirit but not come across anything better?) and Flamebloom Gloves. Ideally I'd like to earn exalted with every Cataclysm faction. Now I've got decent blues, and reforged and enchanted, I'm finding normal 85's great fun.

Trouble is, I'm finding not a lot of cloth healer items - not many items on quartermasters have spirit, am I missing something very obvious? I am reforging spirit, but still a little disappointed!

I've also discovered a new found love for battlegrounds. When I first started playing WoW I was very much against PvP, honestly, it scared me but I've found them to be fun and relaxed and my battleground tactics are to try and hide behind something or stay far enough away that alliance players don't try to beat me up but I can still heal. I've found Prayer of Mending is my favourite spell in the battleground as is Holy Word: Sanctuary and Mass Dispel, if people are particularly annoying I stick my Shadowfiend on them. I even got the courage to carry the flag in Eye of the Storm, which was a massive thing for me, I picked it up, put my shield on me and ran and prayed that I wouldn't get attacked en route. I didn't. I earned the achievement Storm Capper and we also won... I'm not saying that  won the battleground for everyone...but I definitely feel like I played my part, and since I'm not concerned about PvP gear (because its just a bit of fun for me) I've spent my points on mounts :) I've even managed to get a few killing blows using Shadow Word: Death and all we need is to kill a Human Hunter for the guild achievement, Alliance Slayer.

But, honestly, I'm not enjoying the game at the moment. I'm finding heroics just too hard, and I don't know what I can do about it. I'm trying my best to heal effectively, I'm looking up the stats I should have and feeling pretty comfortable with my haste and spirit and other stats, getting a good amount of critical hits resulting in free heals, but people seem to take so much damage that I cant heal as quick as their damage and then we wipe, and wipe and wipe. Don't get me wrong, I expect to go into a heroic and wipe a few times, but its stressful and not fun anymore and that's why I am spending more time in a battleground than a dungeon. I have even re-learnt my talents in order to get Lightwell. Ive made two macros and I will be using it, and those who don't click it shall be feeling my wrath, never mind the Lich King's!

I hope beyond hope that when we start running guild heroics, which we are planning now Christmas is over that they will be more bearable and hopefully more entertaining with a bit a banter and chat and not so much pressure. Until then, I'm not sure how much activity this blog will see. My new year resolution is to fall back in love with the game, because at the moment I'd rather be experimenting with baking different kinds of  bread in my new bread maker (a Christmas present from the in-laws) than healing in a dungeon...and that is just seriously wrong!

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