Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Testing Out 3v3

Well, the other night, happily hanging around in Orgrimmar before deciding on what to do next, lazily reading Guild Chat, I somehow ended up with a 3v3 team. What I had written as "yeah would like to do some 3v3 at some point" magically turned into a team ready to go at right that moment.

I perhaps should have realised early on that it wouldn't work out too well. The main problem was my newness, and the learning curve I had to undertake and the fact that the guy who joined me and the hubby, had many years experience in Arenas and PvP and WoW in general. Having over 13k Achievement points sums up my point exactly.

The other issue, well, a slight language barrier. The guy is really nice, and his grasp of English as another language is great, but at times he was hard to understand and would make statements and expect us to answer, when there was no answer, because it was a statement, and at times would be searching for a word which meant that sentences were very long and getting a word in edgeways was nigh on impossible. *phew, exhale and take a breath* Then I think he struggled to understand us. I was using my best cut glass English BBC accent but when things were happening in game and my fast Black Country mixed with Scots came out, I think he was sat scratching his head. For example..."ah chunty ah cannae, ar am stunned an am nae trinket" or "sae yowm wan me tae keep th' Warriur aff th' priest?" or "och aye we won, bostin gam troaps."

However, he taught me a lot and spoke sense, but at the end of the day we wanted different things out of a 3v3 team. He wanted high ratings, and I wanted a taster. It didn't help that I was tired and not performing at my best, I'd also tried to take so much of what he said on board that sometimes I forgot what he had said to do previously, but I don't think I was terrible, and I certainly don't think that the times we lost were completely down to me.

I did however, enjoy myself most of the time. I don't think we did too badly considering it was my first attempt at 3v3 and bearing in mind my DK has only been played for a couple of months, hell, I haven't even clocked a year in WoW yet. We got our rating to 1339 and I'm really pleased with that, taking  everything on board.

A couple of days later, the player left our team, and I'm kind of relieved that he did - although it would have been nice if he had contacted us and told us that he was leaving considering he's in the guild, but don't get me wrong,  I'm grateful for the time he did spend with us and I've learnt alot that can be applied to both the game in general and 2v2 arenas, but I'm much much happier to go back to 2v2.

In fact, our 2v2 is going much better this season since we have started off on the same playing field as everyone else. We got our rating up into the 1650's, so hopefully we will continue to learn and get better and  most of all enjoy ourselves. I think playing with Husband gives us a unique advantage. We understand each other and sitting right next to each other, we can talk normally without having to use vent and we can also at a quick glance see what is happening from each other's point of view.

I'll never say never to having a 3v3 team again but maybe someone on our wavelength, on my level of experience of the game, and someone looking for the same sort of results as us.

So what did I learn, well, not to be so quick to jump on a bandwagon, to enjoy what I have and if I'm in Blade's Edge Arena to "use my brain" and DeathGrip off the bridge...

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