Thursday, 28 July 2011

“Sometimes, the winner is the one who is able to let go and move on. Wise people know when to do so.”

Well, those of you on Twitter have been kept up to date with the goings on in my current guild. I wasn't involved in any of the drama that went on, so I won't be talking about the details. In a nutshell, the guild almost died. The Ex-GM himself wrote that it was dead, and closed down the website.

When we discovered that it happened, it was incredibly sad. I actually feel like for a couple of days I mourned. It was sad that so many people had left, and it was sad that the guild which had worked so hard to get to the top, was taking a massive tumble.

Originally our plans were to stay with the guild. It was taken over by an Officer and I fully expected it to recover after everyone was over the initial shock. However, there were a couple of days that I logged on to see only a few people online and no chat and as is human nature we began to wonder what else was around in the big wide world of Azeroth.

We wondered if we should move to another guild on the server, that way we would still see familiar faces, we wondered if we should even give Alliance a try, we thought about moving to the realm that Sister-in-Law plays on (but she has just got a brand new job so won't be playing much, if at all) We had an offer from a friend on Twitter which seemed like a good possibility until I realised that he is on the American servers. We discussed our options for a few days, but we decided that the major issue, and one of the reasons why the guild was so affected when people left is because Blade's Edge EU - is really really quiet.

So then we decided maybe we should do something really radical, maybe we should move realms and factions! So we created a level one character on a number of possible destinations and headed to the city to check out the feel of the place and the population, and the atmosphere. We had to really ask ourselves why we wanted to move. Is it because we are falling out of interest with the game and we have 'grass is greener' mentality, and we are trying to inject life and interest back into WoW? If that was the reason, moving would certainly have made matters worse. I've seen a few players who have moved realms, but because it was for the wrong reasons, they have gone back after a short stay, or just left WoW completely.

We are moving, because it's time to move on. It is time for me to experience WoW from another aspect. It is good to change things around and the fact that I'll miss players from our guild and realm means its a good time to move. We can look fondly on the time we spent on the realm, and I'll always be appreciative of the fact that <Drama> took me in when I was a complete newbie, and I feel like because of them I've grown into a much better player. I'm fond of everyone in Drama, and want to extend a massive Thank You to everyone.

We had got the feel of a server we liked...a PvP server - Sylvanas EU and we decided to go Alliance aswell. Just as we were finalising when we should transfer, we discovered that the Guild was going to be rebuilt. Old players were coming back and they are currently in the process of putting it back together, to something similar to what it always set out to be - before it lost its way. This made us stop for a moment,what were our plans? Should we stay? Or should we go?

It didn't take us long to come to our decision. We had gotten itchy feet. I wanted to move. The guild I'm sure will get back to it's former glory, especially in the hands of some very experienced and dedicated players - but it doesn't alter the status of the realm. It is not, nor ever was <Drama> that was dead. It's the realm. With that in mind, we emptied our mailboxes, cancelled our auctions and said farewells. (I would just like to point out, we didn't announce in guild chat that we were leaving because we left the same day the guild was taken over by Viene and we didn't want to seem like we left because of that. On the contrary, he knows I think he is an awesome guy who will get the guild on  its feet in no time at all!)

Comparing Orgrimmar on Blade's Edge with Stormwind on Sylvanas:
 (Photos taken just a couple of minutes apart)

The main areas in each city.

The sky above the cities.

The Innkeepers.

Transfer complete, I created my new Draenei Death Knight, called her Nilaa which is a variation of the name 'Nila' which means blue in Indian. Apt I thought for a race that is coloured blue. Husband has also gone Draenei (what a copy cat) and called Tolian. We also took with us my real life friend, who now has a Night Elf called Janya. We have an application for a guild currently pending...fingers crossed!

Whilst it will take a while to get used to the busyness of new realm, the new faction, and the fact that its a PvP realm, I know I have made the right decision. Leaving now means I remember my time on Blade's Edge as a truly awesome experience.

For those of you in Drama who read this: Thank you for everything, you are all brilliant and friendly players and I'll remember you all. I still have Churel around, so I'll pop by now and then to say Hi, and please don't hesitate to keep in touch via here or twitter :)


So finally, it brings me round to why I've been MIA for the last couple of days. Husband and I went up to my old home town in Scotland for the Wedding of a school friend of mine. We had a great time. The weather was absolutely stunning (don't think we ever saw weather as good as that when we lived there) and the Bride and Groom make an amazing couple...

Couple of photos from our trip across the border!

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