Friday, 10 June 2011

Arena Recording against a Frost Mage/Ret Paladin and Arms Warrior/Feral Druid

Firstly, apologeis for the quality of the videos, as we were only playing around with this we only wanted to use free software. Hopefully next time we'll record a commentary too.

These recordings were taken last night, my second night in the arena as I've spent the last couple of days re-keybinding my abilities and needed to get comfortable with them before entering another arena. We had a really great run in arenas last night taking part in 18 and only losing 3 of them. My current rating is 1377 which i'm pretty pleased about considering how new it is to me.

We recorded a few videos last night, another favourite of mine was against 2 rogues but I think that hails back to my time as a Priest and Rogues would like very much to kill me. I finally got my own back :)

The videos are from my Husband's point of view, and we know we both made mistakes...myself especially but I know what to do different next time.

Anyway, enjoy the fight and leave a comment :)


Neil R said...

Cool video, good luck for future arena fights - looking forward to more recordings ^^

Zinn said...

I wouldn't dare pvping with my bf, I'd only take my nerdrage out on him, poor guy ^^ Nice video, keep it up!