Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.

Firstly, an apology for a lack of posts recently. I've had a busy couple of weeks with the bank holidays and of course attending Will and Kate's Wedding ;) and also, I have a little confession to make. Me the hater of all things 'Alt' did not only start a Druid as posted about previously (which I have since abandoned sitting in the 50's) I have started a Death Knight, which is now 79. So that's what I have been doing...in between celebrating Royal Weddings and Easter, I've been pwning (yes, I said pwning) in all aspects of Melee DPS both in Dungeons and Battlegrounds and I'm having a superb time. It has also crossed my mind once or twice - that a Death Knight is not an appropriate name for a girl. Girl's are not Knights. They are Dames. Therefore, I have not a DK but a DD. Yes, Sheorc is a Death Dame ;)

What prompted a Death Knight? Well, Children's Week. Husband needed to put rabbit ears on an Orc female and as there is a minimum level the player must be for the achievement. I decided that a female Orc Death Knight would be the perfect solution. What I didn't bank on was actually finding the class interesting. I decided to level a couple of levels and see what playing it would be like. At first, it took me a little while to get used to the abilities and runes. I mean, wtf are runes? runic power? and why do all the abilities sound similar? However, by the time I left Acherus: The Ebon Hold, I had a better grasp and once it clicked into place, I literally went 'aah.'

At the moment, Sheorc (yes, highly original name I know) is just slicing through enemies before I can complete a rotation, she's topping Recount by a long way and making mincemeat of the Alliance players. I have to say, it's an enjoyable position to be in. From being the healer standing at the back, throwing out a few ranged spells if mana or situation allows, to being up close and personal and whilst I glance at my health bar now and then, its not something I really have to worry about.

One example springs to mind. It happened last night. We entered Warsong Gulch. My Husband had got the Alliance flag and an Alliance player had our flag, it was currently 0-0 and we had a stalemate. Husband was hiding on the roof of our base waiting to cap the flag. The alliance mage with 22k health (I had 16k) was doing the same. The Alliance player had a shadow in the name of a Shaman Healer and was protected by a few others. I was determined that I was going to return our flag. I rode a suicide mission, on my own, expecting to be killed by the gang of alliance but willing to give it my best shot. I armed myself with all my cooldowns and my ghoul pet.

A fight broke out on the Alliance roof between the few players guarding the flag carrier and a few players from our side who had the same intention as me. The flag carrying mage, jumped off the roof to escape the fighting and I took my chance. I jumped down, death gripped him and killed him before his shadow had even time to cast a heal. I returned the flag. Husband capped their flag and it was then only a matter of a couple of minutes before we won.

Now, most of you may think..."yeah, yeah, I do that all the time, what's the big deal?". This is how we differ. I was never a massive fan of PvP, especially on my Priestess. Yes, I enjoyed healing, but I was always the first target and although I could survive a while, if someone was really determined to kill me, it would only be a matter of time. I was always standing at the back, trying to hide and became hesitant, and because of that, I didn't find much enjoyment in the PvP side of the game. Even on my Kitty, I would enjoy stealthing and pouncing but there was part of me that always hung back a bit. With the DK its different, yes, I still die - especially when its 3v1 but I feel that much more confident. In fact, it may not be purely because of the new character I'm playing, but just because my experience of the game is improving. Whatever you may think, I'm really proud for riding straight into an Alliance filled room and getting the flag back - and it left a smile on my face for the rest of the night.

Perhaps it was a fluke, perhaps the mage didn't react as quick as he should have done, but the point is - I'll be willing to try again and as the title suggests: courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.


psynister said...

For the Dames!

Riding out to get the flag when times are looking tough is exactly what a good PvP player should do. The mage was a dork and you took advantage of the fact, removing the range that is his only strength against you and capturing the flag before his healer could come to his aid.

Perhaps you're not meant to be that healer hiding in the back after all. ;)

Apple said...

Hey now, who says girls can't be knights? My entire CHILDHOOD protests that!

But Death Dame DOES have a neat ring to it...

Kenneth said...

I'm no expert at PvP, but yes, as a melee character, especially a DK, you have the edge against casters if you can close that range gap. Mind Freeze and Strangulate will spell doom to any caster, pretty much, which is why I love PvPing on my DK. Otherwise not a big fan of it. On the other hand though, during the Children's Week holiday, I was begining to get into some PvP with my fire mage, and was enjoying it to a degree.

Redemption said...

huh, I find it quite funny that I google wow blogs and come straight to one from the same realm as me if on the enemies side. hey :)