Monday, 2 April 2012

Just Can't Help Myself...

Well, I've been MIA from this blog for a few months now - reasons? well, I've been continuing to play WoW, but just really out of habit. I haven't been doing anything new or interesting and I think I'm feeling a little disappointed with it all at the moment - and looking forward to the next expansion bringing something new and interesting to the game.

So I've been making my own fun....

Now, I know a few people on Twitter hate being ganked by the opposite faction, but before I show you the following screenshots - I'm going to explain myself...

1. I play on a PvP server - when I transferred to the realm, I had hoped that PvP meant alot more world PvP going on...seems I have to make my own fun.
2. I only fight other level 85's - I don't pick on low characters.
3. I do nothing to encourage them to whisper me. I don't do any rude emotes - I do sometimes /kiss, but that isn't mean...right?
4. Yes, I play with my husband and he happens to be a Disc Priest, most people feel that they are being killed by 2 players, when in actual fact the hubby does very little. There are times when he does no healing or dps - he is just my safety net so to speak.
5. I get ganked too, but do I whinge and moan? No, because its a PvP server, do I try and get my own back? Absolutely. Would I ever create a character to whisper a player on the opposite faction? Never!

It took me a while to go through recent screenshots and find the shots of the whispers, and I know there have been more - but I just cant find them. I must have forgotten to take a screenshot in the middle of what was going on, alternatively, they could have been whispers to my husband's character.

The whispers I love most, are those that create a new character called something like... "Sheorcsucks" or "sheorcisanoob" or "sheorclol"

it surprises me how quickly people will create a character to come and abuse me. Do people not realise that in Tol Barad (which is where most deaths happen) on a PvP server, people are likely to have to fight?

This first screenshot, the character killed in question was a Prot Warrior - not a very good one at that and he died 3 times. Did I chase him around and sit at his grave? No. I stayed exactly where I was when he had been killed, and after he respawned he ran through me each time, regardless of the fact there was another perfectly safe route he could have taken.

Now, for a disclaimer - I'm not the most quick witted person when faced with a whisper like this, I usually think much later..."oh I should have said this..." but, what these people fail to realise is - I don't get upset by them, they don't make me angry. They make me laugh and feel that I got one over them by the fact they were sad enough to have to create a character for the purpose of whispering me.

However, I do have a nicer side and will kill when I see an injustice...or have a whisper from a fellow Hordie. Seemed a new 85 Death Knight got killed a couple of times by a well geared Shadow Priest, so I returned the favour by killing said Shadow Priest and the Death Knight whispered me saying I was a 'hero.'  From being told I suck from one person, to a hero from another - the fun that happens in WoW!

The couple of others that I was able to find...

This guy was particularly angry following a fight outside the Horde base in which Horde was outnumbered by him and a few of his Alliance buddies - guess he just didnt like dying.

So, whilst WoW has become something of a bore recently - I have found myself a new game....killing characters enough times that they whisper me, and I have to say, I'm having more fun than I have done in quite some please, if you see me in Tol Barad...don't forget to send your regards!

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Paul Burkhardt said...

I know what you mean about WOW, it has become redundant. I hope MoP brings some fresh content to the game.